Spring Contests – Newspaper & Magazine


Newspaper & Magazine 

Contests & categories

Writing, reporting & opinion

1. News Story – A story that uses straight, objective news reporting, while containing a very high level of newsworthiness, factual information, and relevance to high school students.

2. In-Depth News – Stories that probe beyond the normal five Ws and H that are based on research and extensive interviewing

3. Feature Story – Exploration of a topic, event or person. It focuses on human interest, and has a high level emotional interest.

4. Personality Profile – A story that focuses on a single person and develops the story around their conflicts, successes and struggles.

5.  Sports Story – A story covering the news and events of a sports team, athlete or event.

6. Staff Editorial – An opinion piece that represents the viewpoint of the staff on a current issue.  Great pieces take a clear stand and provide solutions for change.

7.  Column – An opinion piece that represents one writer’s stand on a local issue that the school or community is facing.


8. News Photo – A photo that is of a newsworthy event that captures the moment, emotion, or scene.  The photo must not be staged or have any effects or alterations.

9. Sports Photo – A photo of a sporting event.  Great photos capture decisive moments with clarity and usually contain strong emotions.

10. Feature Photo – A photo that is used with a feature story.  These can be a variety of different shots, have PhotoShop effects and possibly be staged environmental portraits.

11. Photo Story – A collection of photos that tell a story with well written captions.  This collection of photos can stand on its own without a written story or accompany a story.

Art & illustrations & Design

12. llustrations or Art – Student produced art, drawings, or cartoons that works with a story or stands alone.  It can be produced by hand or on a computer.  All art must be original work by the artist, but may alter others.


13. – Infographic – Information presented in a graphic presentation that usually includes graphs, numbers, charts, and descriptions.

Schools are only allowed to enter three of the six page design categories. (14-19). 

14. – News Magazine -Cover – Any cover of a magazine publication.  Strong entries will use powerful graphics, images, and headlines to grab the audience’s attention.

15. News Magazine  One-Page Design – A single page (not cover) design from a magazine publication.

16. News Magazine  Two-Page Design – A two-page design from a magazine publication.  The two pages should work together to tell a single story.

17. Newspaper Front Page Design  – The front page design from a newspaper publication.

18. Newspaper Single page Design – A single page design from a newspaper publication.

19. Newspaper Two-page Design – A two page design from a newspaper usually the double truck or the two center pages.

Schools are only allowed to enter three of the six page design categories. (14-19). 

Preparing your submissions

One entry form must be attached to each single entry (which may include multiple issues or pages in some categories, such as Columns, Layouts and Graphics). If a school sends three entries for one category, each of the entries will need a separate form.

Only one Business Form is required from each school.

Submit the complete page or facsimile with each entry circled in red.

Photography submissions, should include a tearsheet with the published photo. Both color and black and white photos are accepted.

No additional information is required. Students’ or advisers’ written remarks giving background related to time spent or the study techniques used in accomplishing the final product or other background information will result in disqualification of that entry. Each submission must stand on its own merit without potentially prejudicial material added.

This contest requires mailing entries and forms.