Spring contest classes

For the 2014 Spring news contests we placed printed publications into equal sized competition classes. After all the entries arrived, we placed the biggest third of the schools were grouped into Class C, the small third were placed in Class A and the remaining were grouped in Class B. This is the first time we have tried this strategy.

School City 9-12 student Class
Hudson H Hudson 222 A
West Branch HS Best Branch 249 A
PCM HS Monroe 308 A
Mount Vernon HS Mount Vernon 396 A
Chariton HS Chariton 438 A
Atlantic HS Atlantic 443 A
West Delaware Manchester 505 A
Glenwood HS Glenwood 630 B
Marion HS Marion 660 B
Pella HS Pella 751 B
Lewis Central HS Council Bluffs 962 B
Cedar Fall HS Cedar Falls 1100 B
North HS Des Moines 1250 B
Davenport Central Davenport 1360 B
Washington HS Cedar Rapids 1382 C
Ciy HS Iowa City 1552 C
Kennedy HS Cedar Rapids 1800 C
Johnston HS Johnston 1800 C
Iowa City West HS Iowa City 1951 C
Valley HS West Des Moines 2000 C
Davenport West HS Davenport 2141 C
East HS Des Moines 2400 C