Fall yearbook contest goes online with PDFs

Deadline August 29

Fall yearbook contest goes online with PDFs

IHSPA is changing both the Fall Yearbook contest and the IHSPA Wholebook Contest to increase the value of the results for our students and advisers. More about the changes for the Wholebook contest in future postings.

The biggest changes are for the Fall Yearbook contest.
• You will submit ONLY PDF files.
• No longer do you have to wait until the book has arrived at your school to submit for this contest.
• Deadline 10 p.m. August 29, 2014 to be submitted online.

The new plan will allow us to reveal results at the Fall Conference.

IHSPA’s annual Fall Yearbook contest is making the move to online submission this year to expedite the results. The contest still has categories but now you make and submit PDFs. Yearbook representatives tell us that all the schools in Iowa have the tools to generate PDFs as soon as the spread is ready for the printer. So don’t wait until the book is printed and delivered to select your best work today.

We have moved the deadline earlier as well since you don’t need to wait for a hard copy of the yearbook. Deadline 10 p.m. August 29, 2014.

Submit each entry separately. The adviser’s email will receive a confirmation aseach entry is submitted. Use these emails as a reference when you submit the final entry tally.

When you submit each form your adviser’s email will receive an email confirmation. This report should be used to submit as an invoice to your school district.

These changes are intended to improve IHSPA’s value to your publication. We will be asking the judges to indicate in comments what differentiates the winning entries. Our plans include publishing on the website the judges’ comments and as well as the links to winning works.

The Whole Book Evaluation remains a contest that requires submitting a physical book. This deadline was also moved forward to allow an evaluation sooner.

Thank you


Up to three entries per category may be entered; they can be from different students or all from one student.

The following categories must have only ONE entry:

  • cover
  • theme concept
  • opening spread
  • closing spread
  • reader services

The entry must be a current volume, representing the previous academic year.

The contest is open only to IHSPA members.

Entries must be submitted by the yearbook adviser and accompanied by the contest entry form, properly filled out  and the fee. The fee is $1 per entry per category. If  you enter one category three times, the cost is $3.

The minimum number of entries is five ($5); the maximum number of categories entered is 24 out of the 25 offered.

Winners will be announced at the Fall Conference October 23, 2014.

A sweepstakes honor will be awarded to the school accumulating the most points.

Submit entries and master form online by August 29, 2014.

The advisers’ email listed will receive a report that should be submitted with payment to:

 IHSPA Fall Yearbook Contest
100 Adler  Journalism Building
Room E346
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

Entry process:

    1. For your cover entry use this form.
    2. For your theme entry use this form.
    3. For all other categories use this form.
    4. Once you have completed the individual entries, use this form to generate a report and invoice.
    5. Participation in this contest requires your school be a current member, if you need to update your membership please accomplish that now.
Category Description Number of entries allowed
Cover   One
Theme Concept How well the theme holds together the book. Should be school and year specific. Submit cover, end sheets and division spreads, and opening and closing spreads. Both design and theme copy will be judged. One
Opening Spread Spread that introduces a year-specific, school-specific theme through photos, design and copy. One
Closing Spread Spread that includes a year-specific, school-specific theme through photos, design and copy. One
Typography Spread that showcases readable, inviting type. Three
People Design Spread that develops the people section beyond a listing of mug shots. Three
Organizations / performance Design Spread that covers any club or performance. Submit band, choir and play spreads in this category. Three
Chronological Spread Spread that covers events chronologically, either weekly or monthly. Three
Academics Design Spread that covers student learning, with emphasis on interesting photos. Avoid spreads with photos of students working at desks or computers and teachers pointing at boards. Three
Student Life Design Spread that covers life outside of school activities. Three
Sports Design Spread that covers anyschool or non-school sport. Three
Advertising Design: Spread that advertises businesses. Must be student created. One
Infographic Examples include charts,lists, liftout quotes, bios, timelines, maps, graphs, or other forms of alternative copy. Three
Photo Illustration Photo or series of photos that have been manipulated in a software program. Three
Organizations / Performance Writing Copy that takes a unique angle of any club or performance group such as band, music or plays. Three
Academics Writing Copy that takes a unique angle of learning. Emphasis should be on student learning, not events or courses. Three
Feature Writing Copy that entertains and reports interesting information. Three
Sports Writing Copy that takes a unique angle of a season or an athlete. Three
Feature Photo Photo that tells a story of people in action or reacting to something in their environment. Do not submit posed photos. Three
Organizations/ Performance Photo Photo that tells a story of people doing club activities or performing. Submit band, music, and play photos in this category. Do not submit posed photos. Three
Academics Photo Photo that tells a story of students learning in or out of class. Do not submit posed photos. Three
Sports Action Photo Photo that tells a story of athletes in action during sports events. Three
Environmental Portrait Portrait that tells a story of people in their environments. This photo is posed. Three
Reader Services Submit the table of contents, page folios, colophon, and index. Organization that is helpful to readers in addition to following other rules of design will be judged. One
Feature Presentation Spread from any section where the photos, writing, and design work to tell an interesting story. Three