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The official site of the Iowa High School Press Association


The official site of the Iowa High School Press Association


The official site of the Iowa High School Press Association


Spring 2024 Contest Results


Spring Journalism Contest 2023

Spring Journalism Contest seeks to recognize the best work of Iowa high school publications – both online and in print. Winning entries receive a certificate. Read about the rules, categories, etc. for the Spring Journalism Contest.

To see the full results with the entries, click here!

Emerging Journalist Contest

These top ten Emerging Journalists were selected based on the overall quality of their work, the impact on their school and community, the students’ understanding of the fundamentals of journalism, and the level of experimentation. Each winner is offered a $100 scholarship toward the cost of attending the  University of Iowa Summer Journalism Workshops for High School students or the Drake Media Now summer journalism camp.

Charlotte Stephens, Iowa City West High School

Prerna Vanga, Pleasant Valley High School

Shanza Sami, Iowa City West High School

Candace Thompson, Pella High School

Laura Chen, Pleasant Valley High School

Lily Rantanen, Iowa City High School

Ella Johnson, Dowling Catholic

Ava Gifford, Ankeny High School

Avery Riehlo, Liberty High School

Jack Kramer, Pella High School


IHSPA Scholar 2024

These IHSPA Scholars were nominated by their high school media advisors. It is an academic honor for the state’s top journalism students and rewards them with a certificate, a pin to wear at graduation, and a special announcement sent to their high school administration. Learn more about the IHSPA Scholar requirements

Jersey Bilyeu, Kennedy Senior High School

Erinn Varga, Iowa City West High

Ashlynne Nash, West Branch High School

Jocelyn Klein, Liberty High School

Katherine Rafferty, Indianola High School

Olivia Naber, West Branch High School

Jae Jepsen, Pleasant Valley High School

Kirah Mayhew, Hoover High School

Jaycie Johnson, Hoover High School

Haley Morris, Hoover High School

Thoi Te, Hoover High School

Ana Rivera, Wahlert Catholic High School

Ella Johnson, Dowling Catolic High School

Anisa Rachman, Clear Creek Amana High School

Mallory Mills, Waterloo West High School

Muskan Mehta, Pleasant Valley High School

Celia Brown, Pleasant Valley High School

Jack Anderson, Waukee Northwest High School

Paige Finney, Waukee Northwest High School

Emma Goode, Waukee Northwest High School

Anna Hansen, Waukee Northwest High School

Felicity Menning, Waukee Northwest High School

Tyler Pittman, Waukee Northwest High School

Isabella Montiel, Waukee Northwest High School

Wesal Haroun, Iowa City West High School

Top 15 IHSPA All-Iowa News Teams Finalists for 2024

Class A

Atlantic HS

ADM High School

Mount Vernon HS

West Branch HS

Clear Creek Amana


Class B

Liberty High School

Marion High School

Pella Community HS

Pleasant Valley

Waukee Northwest


Class C

Kennedy High School

Iowa City City HS

Iowa City West HS

Johnston High School

Waterloo West High School


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