Fall conference

Future conference dates:

  • Thursday, October 20, 2022 Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa
  • Thursday, October 19, 2023 Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa
  • Thursday, October 23, 2024 Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa

Conferences are held each year to provide teachers/advisers and students an opportunity to share needs, goals, and aims. Frequently, nationally known speakers from secondary schools and media provide valuable new insights to IHSPA members.

The conferences are located on college/university campuses and are the major responsibility of the executive board. Hosting schools share in planning and execution of the conferences by providing speakers, conducting sessions or evaluating student work.

Advisers are encouraged to attend major sessions and a business meeting, which addresses points of concern for themselves and IHSPA. Many of the changes that have taken place throughout the history of IHSPA are outgrowths of these business meetings.

Seminar sessions are organized to cover pertinent topics for the students and advisers. These sessions are kept small to provide maximum participation on the part of all conference delegates.

A special display area is set up at all conferences to provide advisers with current information on scholastic journalism. The executive board and veteran advisers will be available to answer questions and provide assistance in the area of problems and/or the association.

Participants can often enjoy sessions on a variety of journalistic areas and even take tours of the student newspapers at host colleges. Students can compete in our On-the-Spot contests, showcasing their ability to cover the conference while working on a deadline.



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Fall conference