Winter Thaw for 2015

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The IHSPA annual adviser retreat will be February 20, 2015 at the Des Moines Register.

The event will be in the community room of the Des Moines Register.
This is on the first floor of the building where the Register now housed.
The newsroom is on fifth floor.

Some of the highlights:
* Tour the newsroom ­lead by Nathan Groepper, Consumer Experience Director for the Des Moines Register
* Attend the news budget meeting (on Fridays they look ahead to the
weekend was well).
* A lesson on making iPhone video ­ Andrea Melendez

Lunch time panel discussion ­ – are there jobs if you study journalism
– Nathan Groepper, Consumer Experience Director for the Des Moines Register) – will talk about the new dynamics and the hiring of a new news operation
– Sarah Larson (Golin Harris). Davenport Central graduate went to
study journalism and discovered PR.
– Tyler Buller (Iowa AG’s office). Johnston High alum who studied
journalism and then law
– Ashley Oermann (Women’s Health magazine). Eldridge Iowa native.
We will us Skype-like technology to connect with the remote

* Sharing afternoon. In the past we have found that advisers like
plenty of time to share so the balance of afternoon (from 1:30 to 3)
would focus on this. We will encourage participants for bring ideas
and concerns.

This is a Friday so request a development day. Please join us.