2010 On-the-Spot Contest results

Editorial Cartooning winner, Eric Moore, Pella HS

Congratulations to all the winners and participants from the IHSPA State Conference on Oct. 13. A full list is below. As always, please notify us ASAP of any name misspelling or misidentifications.

1st: Alissa Rothman, Iowa City West
2nd: Torry Slawson, Davenport Central
3rd: Amir Sabbagh, Iowa City West
HM:  Megan Card, Pella HS

Sports Writing
1st: Stephanie Kilmer, Davenport Central
2nd: Kylie Vansen, Davenport Central
3rd: Mohammed Cheetany, Cedar Rapids Kennedy

Opinion Writing
1st: Austin Carstens, Davenport Central
2nd: Colton Menke, Davenport Central
3rd: Michael Hoefer, Cedar Rapids Kennedy
HM:  Whitney Leming, Davenport Central

1st: Eric Moore, Pella HS (his third first-place win in four years)
2nd: Bridget Novak, Iowa City West
3rd: Marisa Evers, Hudson HS
HM:  Johnathon McKinney, Davenport Central

1st: Jojo Silverman, Iowa City West
2nd: Asmaa Elkburti, Iowa City West
3rd: Gianni Nunn, Davenport Central
HM:  Jessica Darder, Cedar Rapids Kennedy

Yearbook Design
1st: Rachael Bair, Hudson HS
2nd: Hillary Marquard, Hudson HS
3rd: Olivia Wright, Hudson HS
HM:  Jamie Miller, Hudson HS

Yearbook Copy/Caption
1st: Blake Moe, Davenport Central
2nd: Kaylyn Maher, Davenport Central
3rd: Abbey Wilkins, Davenport Central
HM:  Maddy Running, Davenport Central

Copy Editing
1st: April Newell, Davenport Central
2nd: Desiree Christensen, Davenport Central
3rd: Emily Jurgena, Davenport Central