IHSPA Scholars 2015

Deadline – March 13, 2015


What is it?

IHSPA Scholar is an academic honor for the state’s top journalism students. It rewards them with a certificate, a pin to wear at graduation, and a special announcement sent to their high school administration and local media.


• Minimum 3 semesters of journalism in high school. The final semester of senior year can count toward that three semesters.

• Minimum 3.0 cumulative high school GPA at time of application.

• 5 hours of community service, approved by the adviser, in the spirit of journalists serving the communities in which they live. It is the adviser’s decision what counts as community service.

• A 500-word essay by the student explaining lessons they’ve learned as a high school journalist, to be submitted to IHSPA.

• The school attended by the nominee must be in good IHSPA membership standing. Students do not need to have declared a college journalism major to qualify.

• Advisers will nominate their students and provide to IHSPA their student’s credentials by March 16, 2015, giving us time to evaluate each student.

What is the cost to the school and student?


Your school must be a member of IHSPA to participate.

How many students per school may receive the honor each year?

As many as qualify.

    IHSPA membership is required to participate in IHSPA honors.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, .
  • Please describe your community service
  • If accepted as an IHSPA Scholar, to which hometown publication(s) would you like IHSPA to send a special announcement?