Fall Conference 2017 – Day at a glance

Thursday October 26


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8:00 AM - Registration opens
8:45: to 9:40
Scott Winter, Bethel UniversityPREPARING FOR YOUR MOMENTAt some point this year, you’ll get a chance to change your school with a story, a photo, a design, a video, a headline. Will you recognize that story when it crosses your line of sight? Moment matter. Are you ready for yours?

9:50 to 10:30
Betty Christian, Davenport North HSDunk the DeadlinesUsing your noodles, marbles and more to keep your staff energized an unified and participatin team building activities.
Brad Hempstead, Walsworth"That's So Trendy!"Learn what’s trending in content, theme, marketing, fundraising and so much more to take your yearbook program to the next level.
Matt Rasgorshek, Creighton Prep High School, OmahaPodcasting in the classroomPodcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums in journalism. How can you and your staff use it? We'll take a closer look at the medium AND record a podcast of it!
Molly Hunter, Daily Iowan Politics reporterAm I a Professional Yet?: Transitioning Between High School and College Journalism
Daily Iowan politics reporter and University of Iowa sophomore Molly Hunter talks about the high's and low’s of the transition between covering the news as a high schooler and a college student.
JR Ogden, Gazette sports editorSports: Telling good storiesTips on good story telling.
Alex McNamee, School Newspapers OnlineSupplement Your Yearbook OnlineConsidering a life for your yearbook beyond the print edition, but not sure how to get started? Come for a little guidance. Just a few simple ideas could help you turn that idea into a reality online.
Nina Elkadi, West Side Story Print Editor-in-ChiefHow to get published in the LA TimesSome stories are meant to reach audiences far outside of our high schools. Find out how you and your staff can get involved with the LA Times High School Insider.
Jeff Browne, Quill & ScrollUndercover EthicsOne high school journalist won a Peabody Award for the undercover story he did exposing illegal recruiting practices at his school — but is going undercover an ethical practice or is it something to be avoided?
Allison Berryhill, Atlantic HS & Gerry Appel (Abraham Lincoln, Council Bluffs) & Rob Lindquist (Thomas Jefferson, Council Bluffs)Does your school want to start (or improve) a Video News program?Atlantic High School has used a student-directed classroom to blend news with fun and creativity for its weekly news show. Come to this session to learn how to start your own Video News show, share what your school is doing, or collect ideas for videos to pair with your online news stories.
10:40 to 11:20
Ginny Ordman, IC West Yearbook INSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE!Everywhere but old yearbooks. Learn how to draw inspiration from contemporary magazines, then adapt those ideas to fit your school, your theme, your yearbook. Why not make your 2018 yearbook a true original?
Jeff Moffitt, Jostens Creative ManagerWriter’s Block"No one reads it.” If you have ever felt this way about yearbook copy, this session is for you. Improve storytelling through stories, headlines, captions, photos and alternative coverage formats.
Jonathan Rogers, City HS & JoAnn Gage, Mount Vernon HSAdviser Round TableWhat to do with the digital revolution? How are advisers changing their classes and adapting to the digital world.
Leslie Shipp, Johnston HSNever BoringWe cover the same topics year after year. That doesn’t mean you should tell the same story every year. Let’s talk about how to dug for stories that people will read.
Taylor Ulrich, UI AdmissionsIowa Overview: The Hawkeye Way:Information for high schoolers on admission requirements, the application process, an introduction to scholarships and financial aid, plus how and when to apply for housing. Come with questions and leave with answers about the important next steps to becoming an Iowa Hawkeye!
Alex McNamee, School Newspapers OnlineDo It (Online) Like the Pros DoOne of every four websites is powered by WordPress, the backbone of SNO's publishing platform. It's a level playing field, so long as you know how to play the game. Take a deep dive into the SNO features that will get your site looking as good as the pros.
Jeff Browne, Quill & ScrollMultiplatform Sports CoverageYou can cover your high school athletic programs better than anyone if you take a multi-platform approach, but you’ll need a lot of organization and a commitment to excellence.
Fenna Semken, West Side Story Online Editor-in-ChiefWhy you should throw away the wordsFinished with your story? Think again. Take your newspaper to the next level and learn about how to increase your readership with infographics and embeddables.
Matt Rasgorshek, Creighton Prep High School, OmahaTaking your videos to the next levelStep your video game up to the next level! We'll talk about the importance of sound, how to get a good soundbite and a lot more!
Gary Sawyer, Iowa State UniversityThe First Amendment and youIs the First Amendment still relevant in the age of fake news and the war on the media?
11:30 to 12:10
Adviser meeting
Jackie Majors, Youth Journalism InternationalThe Art of the Interviewhow to ask questions that will make your story a standout.
Brian Smith, Engagement editor, The Des Moines RegisterBringing journalism to life through eventsJournalism doesn’t have to be limited to written words or visuals. Learn how you can extend your reach and connect with your community through events.
Chris Snider, Drake UniversityHow to create great content for social mediaAre you struggling to reach your audience on social media? Your content probably needs help. This session will show you how to create content that people want to see in their social media feeds.
Jeff Moffitt, Jostens Creative ManagerIcing the Cake: How details complete the bookBeautiful cover. Unique theme. But that’s not enough. Great staffs pay attention to the smallest details. They consider every aspect from the table of contents and index to consistent writing style. This session will study these details and how they can make or break the finished product.
Kelsey Kremer, Des Moines Register Staff photographerThe best camera is the one you have with youHow to shoot and edit photos and videos for your yearbook and newspaper with the camera you always have access to, the one on your phone.
Kim Norvell, Des Moines RegisterFinding hidden features in the mundane:How to search local and state agendas for your next interesting story.
Linh Ta, Des Moines Register Breaking news reporterComing in first:How to quickly and accurately produce a breaking news story in the digital age.
Matt Rasgorshek, Creighton Prep High School, OmahaPodcasting in the classroomPodcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums in journalism. How can you and your staff use it? We'll take a closer look at the medium AND record a podcast of it!
Scott Winter, Bethel UniversitySports Stories that MatterOur job in sports is to take readers and viewers where they can’t go. And always chase stories that could make the front page. What’s the sports story you have to tell? Ricky Bobby’s story? Jackie Moon’s? Radio’s?
Alex McNamee, School Newspapers OnlineSNO TherapySo you've got big dreams but bigger problems with your online publication? A SNO rep is here to help. Whether about aesthetics or ideology, bring all your questions to this SNO AMA for a little hands-on counseling, or learn more about how to sign up with SNO.
Tour the Daily Iowan and Adler Journalism Building
12:10 to 1:20
LunchAdviser luncheon & awardsStudent lunch on your own - there are many options
1:20 to 2:00
Chris Snider, Drake UniversityHow to build a Pacemaker-winning websiteReady to take your publication website to the next level? This workshop will walk you through the improvements sure to catch the eyes of Pacemaker judges.
Ginny Ordman, Iowa City West HSINSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE! (second show)Everywhere but old yearbooks. Learn how to draw inspiration from contemporary magazines, then adapt those ideas to fit your school, your theme, your yearbook. Why not make your 2018 yearbook a true original?
Jonathan Rogers, City HSFind Your TruthHow to be a good consumer of digital media and avoid the fake news
Lyle Muller, IowaWatch.orgHow to Go Deep and Amaze Your ReadersDo you want to be the first to know something, and then tell others about it? We're talking about the deep, deep inside stuff that's true, not run-of-the-mill gossip. This session will show you how to tell stories that have depth will make you a more interesting storyteller. Your friends will marvel at how you know so much.
Kyle Phillips, Washington HSSetting up and building an emerging journalist and JOY portfolio.In this session you will go through the basics of how to set up a Wordpress page to serve as your online portfolio to enter the emerging journalist or journalist of the year competition. You will also go through what pieces of journalism you might include to make a portfolio to wow the judges. Kyle Phillips is the adviser of The Surveyor news website and magazine at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids. His former E-I-C, Molly Hunter, was the 2016 Iowa Journalist of the Year."
Matt Rasgorshek, Creighton Prep High School, OmahaBroadcasting program myths and urban legends (for Advisers)Starting a broadcast class isn't as scary as you think. We'll discuss how to start and how to maintain your broadcast production.
Forrest Saunders, KCRGTV's not deadTake a look at how TV news is evolving, explore its media-dominant future, learn the misconceptions of the industry and find out how you can be a part of its evolution.
Des Moines East HS - yearbook editor panelHow to finish your yearbook by Spring Break and have fun in the process.Hang with a panel of editors from Des Moines East High School and hear them speak on topics that apply to yearbook staffs all over the state. We will talk deadlines, staff bonding, ladder work and design. The more questions you come with, the better!
Samalya Thenuwara, West Side Story Broadcast Editor-in-ChiefVideo for DummiesThe all-you-will-ever-need guide for making a basic video. Pick up tricks and tips to make your video look clean and professional.
Allison Berryhill & JoAnn GageCan We Report That?

Don't shy away from controversial stories and bold editorials. Learn how your school can cover tough stories in responsible, professional ways. Are there stories you'd like to write about but you're not sure how? This session will look at important topics Iowa school newspapers have covered and light the fire in your belly, inspiring you to cover stories that matter--with confidence.
Scott Winter, Bethel UniversityDuct Tape and High FunkadelityJust because we’re journalism-geeky enough to spend nights and weekends making newspapers and yearbooks and broadcasts, even traveling across the state and country to talk journalism, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. We’ll cover 437 ideas to make journalism more fun. And most of them aren’t even all that naughty.
2:05 to 2:30
ClosingAwards - Yearbook of Year & News Teams of the Year