2018 Spring Journalism Contest Results – Class B


The 2018 Spring Journalism Contests have closed, and the points have been tallied.

The results for First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mentions for Class B publications are listed below!

Check back next week to see the News Team of the Year Finalists for all classes.

DivisionCategoryAwardSchoolEntry TitlePublicationCredits
DesignNews Magazine - One Page Design1stAbraham Lincoln HSFebruary 1, 2018EchoesAlex Hulett, Kylee Short, Christina Beck, Sara Truong
DesignIllustration or Art1stCedar Falls HSNitrate levels photoThe Tiger Hi-LineSabine Martin
DesignIllustration or Art3rdPleasant ValleyHow much more ammo do we need?Spartan ShieldRachel Hunt
DesignNews Magazine - One Page Design3rdPleasant Valley#metooSpartan ShieldStaff
DesignNews Magazine - One Page Design2ndPleasant ValleyShhh...now is not the timeSpartan ShieldStaff
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page Design3rdDes Moines North HSLGBTQ ProfilesThe OracleMya Alexander
DesignInfographic2ndDes Moines North HSLike A Girl Search BarThe OracleLaura Christensen
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page Design2ndDes Moines North HSValentine's Day The OracleJasmine Inthabounh
DesignInfographicHonorable MentionDes Moines North HSIssue 2 Back CoverThe OracleMya Alexander
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page DesignHonorable MentionHoover HSWhy we need feminismThe ChallengerIrvin Hernandez
DesignNews Magazine - One Page DesignHonorable MentionHoover HSVegan LivingThe ChallengerElizabeth Mora Huber
DesignInfographic1stGeorge Washington HSValentine's InfographicsThe SurveyorSarah Altemeier, Jayla Johnson
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page Design1stGeorge Washington HSFashion PhenomsThe SurveyorAraya Dunne
DesignIllustration or ArtHonorable MentionDavenport Central HSSocial Media by Shyesha TaylorThe BlackhawkShyesha Taylor
DesignInfographic3rdCedar Falls HSCharmedThe Tiger Hi-LineSkylar Promer
DesignIllustration or Art2ndCedar Falls HS#20percentcountsThe Tiger Hi-LineSophia Schillinger
OnlinePodcasting3rdCedar Falls HSDown the MiddleThe Tiger Hi-LineElijah White
OnlineVideo story3rdPleasant ValleyMind over Matter series: video 2Spartan ShieldStaff
OnlinePhoto Slideshow3rdCedar Falls HSState SpeechThe Tiger Hi-LineJackson Kliewer
OnlinePhoto Slideshow2ndCedar Falls HSWrastlin' 2The Tiger Hi-LineJackson Kliewer
OnlineVideo story2ndCedar Falls HSRich EngelThe Tiger Hi-LineJaden Amjadi
OnlineMultimedia story - Sports2ndCedar Falls HSCross CountryThe Tiger Hi-LineJaden Amjadi, Clare Rolinger
OnlineMultimedia story - News2ndCedar Falls HSphysics competitionThe Tiger Hi-LineJaden Amjadi
OnlineSocial Media2ndCedar Falls HSTiger Hi-Line OnlineThe Tiger Hi-LineRachel Schmid, Sabine Martin
OnlinePhoto SlideshowHonorable MentionGeorge Washington HSWashington WalkoutThe SurveyorBecca Turnis, Paul Schneidermann, Aamillaya Green
OnlinePodcasting2ndGeorge Washington HSDr. Carlos Grant Reflect on his Year at WashThe SurveyorQuinn Wilcox, Tyler McGuire
OnlineMultimedia story - SportsHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSSoccer UpdatesThe Tiger Hi-LineClaire Sabino, Jaden Amjadi
OnlineMultimedia story - NewsHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSstate speechThe Tiger Hi-LineSaba Aydiner, Jackson Kliewer
OnlineMultimedia story - Sports3rdCedar Falls HSWrestlingThe Tiger Hi-LineJackson Kliewer, Tehya Tournier
OnlinePhoto Slideshow1stCedar Falls HSMale DanceThe Tiger Hi-LineJackson Kliewer
OnlineVideo story1stCedar Falls HSThe Implications of School ChoiceThe Tiger Hi-LineJaden Amjadi
OnlineMultimedia story - Sports1stCedar Falls HSdance teamsThe Tiger Hi-LineRachel Schmid, Jackson Kliewer, Sydney Corson
OnlineWeb Design1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-Line OnlineThe Tiger Hi-LineMatthew Walsh
OnlineMultimedia story - News1stCedar Falls HSThe Implications of School ChoiceThe Tiger Hi-LineJaden Amjadi, Clare Rolinger
OnlinePodcasting1stCedar Falls HSDrops MicThe Tiger Hi-LineJaden Amjadi
OnlineSocial Media1stPleasant ValleySpartan Shield OnlineSpartan ShieldStaff
OnlineVideo storyHonorable MentionPleasant ValleyAnother way to trick-or-treatSpartan ShieldJenna Ruccolo
OnlineWeb Design2ndPleasant ValleySpartan Shield OnlineSpartan ShieldStaff
OnlineMultimedia story - News3rdPleasant Valley2017 Year in Review Spartan ShieldStaff
OnlinePodcastingHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSDIY/ BellaThe Tiger Hi-LineBella Schlarmann
PhotoSports PhotoHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSTaking Down EastThe Tiger Hi-LineBella Schlarmann
PhotoFeature Photo2ndCedar Falls HSTrumpet PlayerThe Tiger Hi-LineDelaney Tate
PhotoSports Photo2ndPleasant ValleyBoys basketballSpartan ShieldStaff
PhotoPhoto Story3rdCedar Falls HSVolleyball ChampionsThe Tiger Hi-LineBella Schlarmann
PhotoNews Photo3rdCedar Falls HSTimberlake SingalongThe Tiger Hi-LineBella Schlarmann
PhotoSports Photo3rdCedar Falls HSPlayoff JamThe Tiger Hi-LineKatie Crow
PhotoPhoto Story2ndDes Moines North HSShrek: The MusicalThe OracleJasmine Inthabounh
PhotoFeature Photo1stCedar Falls HSComparison of NitratesThe Tiger Hi-LineSabine Martin
PhotoPhoto Story1stCedar Falls HSAfter PromThe Tiger Hi-LineBella Schlarmann
PhotoNews PhotoHonorable MentionDavenport Central HSCover by Banyan DeMarrThe BlackhawkBanyan DeMarr
PhotoNews Photo1stCedar Falls HSGun ProtestThe Tiger Hi-LineSophia Schillinger
PhotoSports Photo1stCedar Falls HSState VB ChampsThe Tiger Hi-LineBella Schlarmann
PhotoFeature PhotoHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSGrace portraitThe Tiger Hi-LineDelaney Tate
PhotoPhoto StoryHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSMarching BandThe Tiger Hi-LineElise Leasure
PhotoFeature Photo3rdGeorge Washington HSFebruary CoverThe SurveyorGabriel Greco
PhotoNews Photo2ndCedar Falls HSTrunk or Treat Maze SurpriseThe Tiger Hi-LineRachel Schmid
WritingStaff Editorial2ndGeorge Washington HSAfrican-American Class Not So LitThe SurveyorAraya Dunne
WritingSports Story2ndGeorge Washington HSHomesick Hockey PlayersThe SurveyorBecca Turnis
WritingIn-Depth News3rdGeorge Washington HSIowa BIG FeatureThe SurveyorSarah Altemeier
WritingFeature Story2ndCedar Falls HSAs studies show cell phone anxiety rising for teens, sophomore chooses to hang up on smart phone useThe Tiger Hi-LineSabine Martin
WritingIn-Depth News2ndCedar Falls HSIncreasing nitrate levels threatening drinking water from three of Cedar Falls' eight public utility wellsThe Tiger Hi-LineSabine Martin, Elise Leasure, Katie Mauss
WritingFeature StoryHonorable MentionHoover HSManaging High School and a JobThe ChallengerRuth Acolatse
WritingSports Story3rdPleasant ValleyTicket punchedSpartan ShieldCami Hunter
WritingNews Story2ndCedar Falls HSPeet eighth grader building connections to help others enjoy afterschool activitiesThe Tiger Hi-LineAlayna Yates
WritingColumn3rdCedar Falls HSFunding our Futures: Voucher bill would undermine effectiveness of public schoolsThe Tiger Hi-LineSabine Martin
WritingFeature Story1stCedar Falls HSCar Crash Provides student with New Perspective on LifeThe Tiger Hi-LineClare Rolinger
WritingIn-Depth News1stCedar Falls HSHealth Deficit: Mental Health Resources Available for Students Dwindling in IowaThe Tiger Hi-LineSophia Schillinger, Tehya Tournier
WritingPersonality Profile1stDes Moines North HSAddison Masters: From Custodial Artist to History TeacherThe OracleCaleb Slater
WritingPersonality Profile3rdDes Moines North HSHome Is Where The Heart Is: Alumnus Dartanyan Brown Reconnects with the youth of North HighThe OracleYer Lee
WritingNews Story1stCedar Falls HSElise LeasureThe Tiger Hi-LineElise Leasure
WritingSports Story1stCedar Falls HSTop Shot: Green sets school scoring record in victory over Iowa City WestThe Tiger Hi-LineTehya Tournier
WritingIn-Depth NewsHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSStanding for the Silent: MVP attends presentation on suicide preventionThe Tiger Hi-LineTehya Tournier
WritingColumnHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSIowa's ag-gag laws infringe on First Amendment rightsThe Tiger Hi-LineElise Leasure
WritingPersonality ProfileHonorable MentionCedar Falls HSMath teacher retiring, but hopes 'Green' footprint will lingerThe Tiger Hi-LineSophia Schillinger
WritingColumn1stGeorge Washington HSBathroom Pass? I'll pass.The SurveyorSydney Dusek
WritingNews StoryHonorable MentionGeorge Washington HSLas Vegas ShootingThe SurveyorSydney Dusek
WritingSports StoryHonorable MentionGeorge Washington HSRunning RagnarThe SurveyorLars Andersland
WritingColumn2ndGeorge Washington HSPE Waiver PolicyThe SurveyorSydney Dusek
WritingStaff Editorial1stPleasant Valley"I am the one in 10"Spartan ShieldStaff
WritingStaff EditorialHonorable MentionPleasant ValleyThe importance of DREAMsSpartan ShieldAnna Banerjee
WritingFeature Story3rdPleasant ValleyOne month later: Remembering Jered WilsonSpartan ShieldKeshav Wagle, Caleb Arnold, Callum Revell
WritingStaff Editorial3rdPleasant ValleyWe are the changeSpartan ShieldStaff
WritingNews Story3rdPleasant ValleyPV students volunteer at Kids Against HungerSpartan ShieldRebecca Abdullah
WritingPersonality Profile2ndCedar Falls HSHome Runner: Retired Holmes principal writes book highlighting path to victoryThe Tiger Hi-LineTehya Tournier