Fall Conference highlights


There are some big changes for the IHSPA’s Fall Conference on Thursday October 25 at the Memorial Union in Iowa City.

The changes:

  • We will host “do-it sessions” on video, photo and social media story telling. These smaller and longer sessions will involve the student in actually making photos, video or creating a social media story board. There is no added cost. These sessions will require student registration in advance and be limited. These sessions will be 65 minutes as opposed the 40 minute traditional sessions. Each session will be offered twice on conference day.
  • We will have a social media contest that is open to all conference students – no fee.
  • We will not host an on-the-spot photo contest – there is not a lab available.
  • We will offer a tour of KRUI studios in addition to touring The Daily Iowan and Adler Journalism Building.

Remaining the same:

  • We will begin wth a keynote speaker.
  • We will have nearly 40 breakout sessions for students and advisers.
  • We will have an on-the-spot writing contest.
  • The price remains the same $16 per student.
  • We will end at 2:30 – after awards.

Volunteers needed:IHSPA runs on volunteers. Let Paul know how you can help.

  • Critique newspapers or yearbooks
  • Judge a writing contest (with others)
  • Proctor a “do-it” session

Registration will begins today. Plan ahead to grab those tickets for the “do-it sessions”. These will be limited. Students will be required to bring cameras (phone or regular) and other tools they use regularly.