2018 Spring Journalism Contest Results – Class A


The 2018 Spring Journalism Contests have closed, and the points have been tallied.

The results for First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mentions for Class A publications are listed below!

Check back next week to see the News Team of the Year Finalists for all classes.

DivisionCategoryAwardSchoolEntry TitlePublicationCredits
DesignEditorial Cartoon/comic stripHonorable MentionMount Vernon HSSchool Should Subsidize Cost of GasThe Mustang MoonJohn Butz
DesignInfographicHonorable MentionMount Vernon HSDrew Adams: Touchdown KingThe Mustang MoonGarrett Hormann
DesignNewspaper - One Page DesignHonorable MentionPella Community HSPage 2 CurrentPelladiumAllison Clark
DesignNewspaper - One Page Design1stChariton HSOn to StaOn to StateteCharger InkIsaiah Tuigong
DesignNewspaper - One Page Design2ndChariton HSOne Incredible CareerCharger InkIsaiah Tuigong
DesignEditorial Cartoon/comic strip2ndChariton HSEvery Bad Comes With a GoodCharger InkJackson Fisher
DesignNewspaper - One Page Design3rdChariton HSOld Enough to Serve, Old Enough to DrinkCharger InkWill Exline, Brooklyn Nichols
DesignEditorial Cartoon/comic strip1stPella Community HSNorth PolePelladiumElizabeth Van Weelden
DesignNews Magazine - One Page Design1stHudsonHSPage 7/Entertainment February 2018The Pirate PressKatelyn Pint, Grace Jorgensen, Abby Lashbrook
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page Design1stHudsonHSTaboosThe Pirate PressAbby Lashbrook
DesignIllustration or Art1stHudsonHSDigital DependencyThe Pirate PressAubrey Gronoski, Sophie Selenke
DesignInfographic1stHudsonHSMore Than A Black & White IssueThe Pirate PressAbby Lashbrook, Alex Klingfus, Hailey Elder
DesignInfographic2ndWest Delaware HSSenior SpotlightInklingsMadalynn Burke
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page DesignHonorable MentionHudsonHSMore Than A Black And White IssueThe Pirate PressAbby Lashbrook
DesignNews Magazine - One Page Design2ndHudsonHSPage 6/Opinion December 2017The Pirate PressAbby Gaudian, Abby Lashbrook
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page Design2ndHudsonHSThe Dating Game The Pirate PressAbby Lashbrook
DesignIllustration or Art2ndHudsonHSInked with IntentionThe Pirate PressGrace Jorgensen
DesignNews Magazine - One Page Design3rdHudsonHSPage 7/Entertainment October 2017The Pirate PressKatelyn Pint
DesignEditorial Cartoon/comic strip3rdHudsonHSDress Code DiscrepencyThe Pirate PressKacie Herring
DesignNews Magazine - Multiple Page Design3rdHudsonHSLife HacksThe Pirate PressAbby Lashbrook
DesignIllustration or Art3rdHudsonHSClass of SeventeenThe Pirate PressOlivia Kolterman
DesignInfographic3rdHudsonHSDigital DependencyThe Pirate PressAbby Lashbrook, Alex Klingfus
DesignNewspaper - Multiple page Design1stPella Community HSIn FocusPelladiumTiffany Van Gilst
DesignIllustration or ArtHonorable MentionMount Vernon HSArtist Practices PerfectionThe Mustang MoonMaggie Lynott
DesignNews Magazine - One Page DesignHonorable MentionHudsonHSPage 2/News October 2017The Pirate PressGrace Schwenneker, Abby Lashbrook
OnlinePodcastingHonorable MentionAtlantic HSTold By The Black And Gold: Wal-Mart StoriesNeedleElija Deets, Jordan Zarbano
OnlineSocial MediaHonorable MentionAtlantic HSAHSneedle Social MediaNeedleStaff
OnlinePhoto SlideshowHonorable MentionAtlantic HSBasketball Photos by Reagan PellettNeedleReagan Pellett
OnlinePodcasting2ndAtlantic HSTold By the Black and Gold Ep. 1 First TimesNeedleElija Deets, Jordan Zarbano
OnlinePhoto Slideshow2ndAtlantic HSSheltered RealityNeedleAbbey Bishop
OnlinePhoto Slideshow3rdAtlantic HSIowa City Through the Eyes of Kayla MaukNeedleKayla Mauk
OnlineSocial Media2ndWest Delaware HSSocial MediaInklingsMaddie Burke
OnlineWeb Design2ndWest Delaware HSWeb DesignInklingsTyler Salow
OnlineWeb DesignHonorable MentionHudsonHS@HudPiratePress Web PageThe Pirate PressCaleb McCullough, Alex Klingfus
OnlineMultimedia story - SportsHonorable MentionHudsonHSBoys Basketball vs Don BoscoThe Pirate PressSophie Selenke, Caleb McCullough
OnlineSocial Media3rdHudsonHS@HudPiratePress Twitter FeedThe Pirate PressCaleb McCullough, Grace Jorgensen
OnlinePodcasting1stAtlantic HSTold By The Black And Gold: #3 Sports/Winning MomentsNeedleElija Deets, Jordan Zarbano
OnlinePodcasting3rdNorth Cedar HSKnight News Week #12The ScrollBrittyn Wilhau, David James Stull
OnlineMultimedia story - NewsHonorable MentionNorth Cedar HSOz the Great and PowerfulThe ScrollBreylee St. John
OnlineMultimedia story - Sports3rdMount Vernon HSCoach Vance Light: Iowa Wrestling Hall of FameThe Mustang MoonCaitlin Babcock, Mattie Hansen, Lauren Hauser, Reagan Light, Kendra Streicher
OnlineWeb Design3rdMount Vernon HSWeb designThe Mustang MoonPaige Zaruba
OnlineMultimedia story - News3rdMount Vernon HSChoir at King ChapelThe Mustang MoonPreston Shultz
OnlineMultimedia story - Feature3rdMount Vernon HSMount Vernon Students Collaborate on Art WallThe Mustang MoonGrace Pisarik, Grace McCollum, Laurel Sherman, Mason Reilly, Brittney Darrow
OnlineVideo story3rdMount Vernon HSTristan Wirfs: Mustang to Hawkeye Football PlayerThe Mustang MoonDrew Adams, Nick Leopold, Casey Noska, Max Siders, Garrett Welch
OnlineMultimedia story - Sports2ndMount Vernon HSShirley Ryan: Mount Vernon Head Coach 1972-2010The Mustang MoonCaroline Voss, Catherine Yeoman, Lauren Hauser, Kendra Streicher, Caitlin Babcock
OnlineMultimedia story - News2ndMount Vernon HSCARE Conference Turns MLK Holiday into an Opportunity for UnderstandingThe Mustang MoonAbby Davidson, Garrett Welch, Drew Adams, Emma Klinkhammer
OnlineMultimedia story - Feature2ndMount Vernon HSAn Iowa Tradition: 6-on-6 Womenís BasketballThe Mustang MoonJace Delancey, Sam Stoner, Megan Zobac, Paige Emig, Kailey Shannon
OnlineVideo story2ndMount Vernon HSLogan Kelly: Champion ArcherThe Mustang MoonCooper Becthold, Nolan Brand, Garrett Horrman, Thomas Meineke
OnlineMultimedia story - Sports1stMount Vernon HSTristan Wirfs Ranks 2nd in Iowa Shot Put HistoryThe Mustang MoonMason Reilly, Kaylia Wirfs, Jack Young
OnlineWeb Design1stAtlantic HSAHSneedle.comNeedleAshley Wendt, Erin Wendt
OnlinePhoto Slideshow1stAtlantic HSWrestling Photos by Reagan PellettNeedleReagan Pellett
OnlineVideo storyHonorable MentionAtlantic HSMemes of 2017NeedleNoah Rutherford, Marcus Duranceau, Brandon Woodard
OnlineVideo story1stMount Vernon HSDrew Adams: Touchdown KingThe Mustang MoonCooper Bechtold, Nolan Brand, Garrett Horrman, Logan Kelly, Thomas Meineke
OnlineMultimedia story - Feature1stMount Vernon HSAn Unforgettable Season: A Look Back at the 2012 State Champ TeamThe Mustang MoonDrew Adams, Nick Leopold, Casey Noska, Max Siders, Garrett Welch
OnlineMultimedia story - News1stMount Vernon HSChalk the Chalk the Walk 2017Walk 2017The Mustang MoonKaty Bellamy, Alina Merlak, Blaine Schumacher
OnlineSocial Media1stMount Vernon HSSocial MSocial Mediaedia
The Mustang MoonStaff
PhotoFeature Photo3rdWest Delaware HSMusical MishapsInklingsEmily Klostermann
PhotoFeature PhotoHonorable MentionHudsonHSConcussion Feature CoverThe Pirate PressHailey Elder
PhotoFeature Photo2ndHudsonHSPeek Feature CoverThe Pirate PressHailey Elder
PhotoSports PhotoHonorable MentionMount Vernon HSPlaying with intensityThe Mustang MoonCatherine Yeoman
PhotoPhoto Story2ndMount Vernon HSMustang Football Dominates Over Anamosa in 49-0 WinThe Mustang MoonPaige Zaruba
PhotoNews Photo3rdMount Vernon HSA Star in the MakingThe Mustang MoonSydney Hauser
PhotoSports Photo3rdMount Vernon HSCelebrating a winThe Mustang MoonPreston Shultz
PhotoPhoto Story3rdMount Vernon HSHomecoming King and Queen are RevealedThe Mustang MoonPaige Zaruba, Lauren McCollum, Elijah Recalde
PhotoNews Photo2ndHudsonHSModel UN BoysThe Pirate PressKatelyn Pint
PhotoNews Photo1stHudsonHSNHS Food DriveThe Pirate PressHailey Elder
PhotoFeature Photo1stHudsonHSDigital Dependency Feature CoverThe Pirate PressAubrey Gronoski
PhotoNews PhotoHonorable MentionAtlantic HSMath in MotionNeedleMariah Cook
PhotoSports Photo1stAtlantic HSCarried to VictoryNeedleKylie Proehl
PhotoPhoto Story1stWest Delaware HSPosting with a PassionInklingsJoAnna Voss, Hannah Wenger
PhotoPhoto StoryHonorable MentionWest Delaware HSStudents Perform at All-State and Senior Large Group ShowcaseInklingsEmily Klostermann
PhotoSports Photo2ndWest Delaware HSStarting the Season Off StrongInklingsJoAnna Voss
WritingPersonality Profile3rdHudsonHSInked With IntentionThe Pirate PressGrace Jorgensen
WritingNews Story1stMount Vernon HSFundraising FailThe Mustang MoonMaggie Dale
WritingIn-Depth NewsHonorable MentionMount Vernon HSDawa Journeys into Art for InspirationThe Mustang MoonBlaine Schumacher
WritingPersonality ProfileHonorable MentionMount Vernon HSPlaying with PurposeThe Mustang MoonGrace McCollum
WritingNews StoryHonorable MentionMount Vernon HSSophomores March for UnityThe Mustang MoonMaddie Naeve
WritingIn-Depth News2ndMount Vernon HSInfluential Teachers in Mount VernonThe Mustang MoonGrace Pisarik
WritingIn-Depth News3rdHudsonHSLasting LegacyThe Pirate PressGrace Schwenneker, Sophie Selenke
WritingColumn3rdMount Vernon HSMTSS Check-in: The School's PrisonThe Mustang MoonBlaine Schumacher
WritingStaff Editorial3rdMount Vernon HSMTSS: Academics Should Be a PriorityThe Mustang MoonCatherine Yeoman
WritingSports Story3rdWest Delaware HSLittle Changes, Big DifferencesInklingsIsabelle Willey
WritingPersonality Profile2ndHudsonHSH2-Oh!The Pirate PressPayton Sherwood
WritingFeature Story1stNorth Cedar HSNorth Cedar's Carla Green a dedicated educator, farmerThe ScrollMakayla Schluter
WritingFeature Story2ndHudsonHSHeads UpThe Pirate PressGrace Jorgensen
WritingSports Story2ndChariton HSGirls Taking OverCharger InkMark Ilyenko, Carson Rector
WritingNews Story2ndAtlantic HSAHS Debates Removal of Controversial Items in the YearbookNeedleHana Holtz
WritingColumn2ndPella Community HSA Dime for Your TimePelladiumHarley Atchison
WritingSports StoryHonorable MentionAtlantic HSMeet a State Champ: John McConkeyNeedleErin Wendt, Ashley Wendt
WritingFeature StoryHonorable MentionHudsonHSRadical Rewind The Pirate PressOlivia Kolterman
WritingSports Story1stHudsonHSStudent athletes weight risks of concussionsThe Pirate PressGrace Jorgensen
WritingStaff Editorial1stHudsonHSMore Than College BoundThe Pirate PressCaleb McCullough
WritingIn-Depth News1stHudsonHSThe Change UpThe Pirate PressSophie Selenke, Alex Klingfus
WritingColumn1stMount Vernon HSSchool Should Subsidize Cost of GasThe Mustang MoonJohn Butz
WritingPersonality Profile1stMount Vernon HSEnglish Teacher Interested in Stand-Up Comedy and PoetryThe Mustang MoonLauren McCollum
WritingColumnHonorable MentionWest Delaware HSHuntin' Like a BossInklingsElijah Hill
WritingStaff EditorialHonorable MentionWest Delaware HSWhy Join FFA?InklingsLeah Philipp
WritingFeature Story3rdWest Delaware HSSpeech Students Take their Improv Skills to the PublicInklingsTyler Salow
WritingNews Story3rdWest Delaware HSPrevent and Protect: Scabies Outbreak Calls for Extra PrecautionInklingsAndrea Salow
WritingStaff Editorial2ndMount Vernon HSWe Must Teach UnderstandingThe Mustang MoonAlina Merlak