Photo Illustration

October 29, 2015

The illustration tells a story. Any item that uses photo manipulation qualifies. CLASS A 1st Atlantic HS, Atlantic, Steven Kelly "Bombs Away" 2nd Mount Vernon HS, Mount Vernon, Lexi Kelly "Juniors page 42" 3rd Atlantic HS, A...

Total Package

October 29, 2015

Total package spreads will be judged on the following criteria. Winning entries will use a combination of these elements to tell the story: Writing Photos and captions Graphics, infographics and art Design elements...

Reader services

October 29, 2015

The book uses devices that help readers locate information. Submit the table of contents, title page, colophon and one spread from the index. Page folios will be considered in conjunction with the index spread. CLASS A 1st West Delaware HS, Man...

Sports photo

October 29, 2015

Enter photos that tell a story. The emphasis is on action/reaction so do not enter posed photos. Use photo techniques like framing, leading lines and low or high angle. The photo demonstrates good exposure and shutter speed. Include...

Environmental photo

October 29, 2015

Enter photos that show the personality of a person/group of people. The emphasis is on portraying the essence of the individual/group.  Most likely, this will be done by posing the subject/s in an environment that helps tell...

Sports story

October 29, 2015

The story goes beyond reporting facts to highlight an interesting angle about a school sport. Several sources and ample use of direct quotes bring robustness to the story. Include the headline. CLASS A 1st Mount Vernon HS, Mount...

Design/ Summer to December events

October 29, 2015

The spread presents information in an organized way. It showcases any event in students’ lives and includes feature coverage in the form of photos/captions, stories and/or infographs. The layout represents a marriage of words...

Feature photo / student life – school related

October 29, 2015

Enter photos that tell a story. The emphasis is on capturing people living their lives, so do not enter posed photos. Subject area encompasses school events, academics and organizations. Use photo techniques like framing, leading...

2019 Fall Yearbook Contest Entry form

July 31, 2015

After submitting all of your entries thru the contest site you will need to complete this form to finalize and pay for your entry. Please print the completed form as your invoice. The system should send you an invoice via email.    ...

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