Designer, Photographer, Videographer and Writer of 2017


The results are in!

Judges reviewed portfolios to select the Writer of the Year, Designer of the Year, Photographer of the Year, and Videographer of the Year during the Spring 2017 Journalism Contests.

First through third places and various honorable mentions were awarded.

Writer of the Year

The Writer of the Year is Edin Sehic, a student at Johnston High School. Edin writes a variety of stories, including features on fellow students, current event articles, and nationally-relevant stories.

Judges comments: “The author is a top notch storyteller — using clear, well-crafted sentences and interesting descriptions. The author also shows skill with an impressive range of story types.”

View Edin’s portfolio here.

Category NameAwardPublicationSchoolCredits  
Writer of the Year1stBlack and WhiteJohnston HSEdin Sehic
Writer of the Year2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSTehya Tournier
Writer of the Year3rdThe Pirate PressHudson HSOlivia Kolterman
Writer of the YearHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSElise Leasure


Designer of the Year

The Designer of the Year is Nova Meurice is a senior at City High School in Iowa City. She has been working at the Little Hawk since the third trimester of her freshman year. She was the Online Co-Executive Editor for two years and currently serves as the Co-Executive Print Editor. She is a designer as well as writes feature stories.

Judges comments: “There was absolutely no question that this artist should be the first-place recipient of Designer of the Year. Nova Meurice has a clear understanding of good design, as demonstrated over and over in her multiple entries. Her page designs are polished and professional. Her work leaves little doubt about her future success as a designer.”

View Nova’s portfolio here.

Category NameAwardPublicationSchoolCredits  
Designer of the Year1stLittle HawkIowa City City HSNova Meurice
Designer of the Year2ndLittle HawkIowa City City HSJim Geerdes
Designer of the Year3rdThe Pirate PressHudson HSAbby Lashbrook
Designer of the YearHMThe Pirate PressHudson HSGrace Jorgensen


Hawkeye Photographer of the Year

The Photographer of the Year is John Dunlop, a senior from Cedar Falls High School. He has been a part of the journalism program for two years and is the Photographer of the Year for the second year in a row. Since he last won, John has been exploring new techniques in photography. His favorite subject to photograph are sports and this has given him what he says is a “unique perspective of the sports games.” John plans to attend the University of Northern Iowa to be a photographer in their journalism program.

Judges comments: “Good peak action sports pictures. Nice composition and color.”

View John’s portfolio here.

Category NameAwardPublicationSchoolCredits  
Hawkeye Photographer of the Year1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSJohn Dunlop
Hawkeye Photographer of the Year2ndBlack and WhiteJohnston HSKitarrah Mangra-Dutcher
Hawkeye Photographer of the Year3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSLogan Cole


Videographer of the Year

The Videographer of the Year is Jaden Amjadi, a junior from Cedar Falls High School.

While Jaden says he loves acting and music, he also has a passion for creating movies and documentaries. Eventually, he hopes to be able to record his own soundtracks for his films. He has a YouTube channel and uses his online portfolio as a place to showcase his documentary-style films that he has produced through a broadcast journalism course in school. Jaden hopes to attend university in New York after he graduates from High School.

Judges comments: “Good use of b-roll throughout the projects. Well done interviews with good audio.”

View Jaden’s portfolio here.

Category NameAwardPublicationSchoolCredits  
Videographer of the Year1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSJaden Amjadi
Videographer of the Year2ndEast ScrollDes Moines East HSAnthony Arroyo