Iowa HS Journalist of the Year contest

Deadline: February 15, 2017 Prize - $500

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Iowa HS Journalist of the Year contest

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The Journalist of the Year contest recognizes Iowa’s top high school journalism students.


To be eligible students:

  • Must be seniors.
  • Must have served on a media staff for two years.
  • Can be planning to study any major in college.
  • Have an adviser who is a current Journalism Education Association member.


The components of the Iowa JOY process align with those of the national JEA JOY process.  The JEA website, located here, provides a plethora of information in the following areas:


Contest requirements and guidelines
A candidate toolbox that explains options for hosting the online portfolio
Organizing work samples
A judging rubric
Past winners
Examples of winning JOY entries


All entries must be digital. Entries are submitting as a URL. Places to consider when deciding where to host work examples include the following:

For print

  • Adobe Acrobrat PDF portfolio (Will need to find somewhere to host the portfolio.)
  • For broadcast
  • Google Sites

For blogging




The JEA website has a tutorial “Options for Online Presentation” that
explains these options. Find it here.


Students may not have examples that fit all 11 categories. That is fine. The categories are an attempt to include the vast types of experiences students may encounter working on a media staff.

The portfolio could be used in other ways: for scholarships, for job interviews, when applying for leadership positions in organizations. Compiling a portfolio of work and reflecting on it is something most teenagers have not done. It sets you apart.


February 15, 2017

Early March

State winner will be announced.

March 15, 2017

Winning entry must be submitted to the JEA national office.

Early April

National winners will be announced

April 2017

National winners will be introduced at the National Journalism convention.


IHSPA and Iowa News Foundation awards $500 to the winner. Up to five certificates will awarded to finalists.

The winner is eligible to compete JEA’s Journalist of the Year competition.


2016 Molly Hunter, Washington, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

2015 Anne Rogers, Johnston High School, Johnston, Iowa

Submit your information and URL:

Leslie Shipp
Johnston High School
Johnston, Iowa
[email protected]




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