IHSPA 2017 Contest Results — Class B

CategoryAwardPublicationSchoolEntry TitleCredits
Column1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSBack the Blue: Law enforcement deserve community support now more than everBrennan Kohls
Column2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSOut of the Darkness: Stay the course on difficult road to depression recoveryLexi Sheeley
Column3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSOne More Reason: New high school needed to serve accessibilty needsHalie Frahm
ColumnHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSIn the end, legacy of love will be our greatest wealthCasey McIntyre
Editorial cartoon or comic strip1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSText and DieMia Dexter
Editorial cartoon or comic strip2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSDuty CallsAlyssa Dekutoski
Editorial cartoon or comic strip3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSFlip flop on bathroom rights leaves transgender students behindMia Dexter
Editorial cartoon or comic stripHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSClowns Scaring Away Halloween JobsMia Dexter
Feature Photo1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSInto the MarshBrennan Kohls
Feature Photo2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSDealing with Depth of FieldLogan Cole
Feature Photo3rdThe OracleNorth HS Veteran gifted flag from nephewKenzie Schnathorst
Feature PhotoHMThe OracleNorth HS Central Campus fashion showCheyann Neades
Feature Story1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSBringing up Baby: Teens reflect on first year as parentsMaddie Palmersheim
Feature Story2ndWest Delaware InklingsWest Delaware HSFour Months for a Few Minutes: Musicians Practice Long, Hard Hours for Short All-State AuditionsAndrea Salow
Feature Story3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSide Track: Cadet teaching exercise reveals limitations of high school accessHalie Frahm
Feature StoryHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSenior Says: Living each day by kindness leads to lifetime of less regretsClare Rolinger
Illustration or Art1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSFour Categories of ADHD for GirlsElise Leasure
Illustration or Art2ndPelladiumPella Community HSHold Your Breath AmericaSammy Boetger
Illustration or Art3rdThe OracleNorth HS California Roll SushiJasmine Inthabounh
In-Depth News1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSFormer coach, wife killed in car accident: Staff, family, friends cope with lossJack Moody, Tehya Tournier
In-Depth News2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSClimate change education varies in IowaTana Gam-Ad
In-Depth News3rdWest Delaware InklingsWest Delaware HSMolding our Mindset: WD Wrestlers Set Goals to Improve Their MentalityJoAnna Voss
In-Depth NewsHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSCedar Falls play debut draws attention to wide range of life with autismAlayna Yates
Infographic1stThe OracleNorth HS Freshmen NumbersJasmine Inthabounh
Infographic2ndThe OracleNorth HS Senior NumbersNathaniel Cobb
Infographic3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSStar PowerTana Gam-Ad
InfographicHMWest Delaware InklingsWest Delaware HSRoad TripCalasandra Spray
Multimedia story - Feature1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSPolitical DivisionsBrennan Kohls, Elise Leasure, Casey McIntyre
Multimedia story - Feature2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSValentine's Tips from Longtime CouplesKaylee Olson
Multimedia story - Feature3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSAdaptive TechnologyAdison Pace, Wes Gitta, Tyler Campbell, Clare Rolinger
Multimedia story - FeatureHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSGhost LightAlbie Nicol
Multimedia story - News1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSPost-election ProtestsSophia Schillinger, Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark, Albie Nicol
Multimedia story - News2ndThe OracleNorth HS Candlelight vigil for Kendall Foster brings hundreds to mournYer Lee
Multimedia story - News3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSMental Health WeekElise Leasure, Jaden Amjadi, Casey Leeper
Multimedia story - NewsHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSShrekLogan Cole, Tana Gam-Ad, Emma Graening, Adison Pace, Wes Gitta
Multimedia story - Sports1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSPostseason Bowling CoverageSam Prophet, Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark, Lily Becker
Multimedia story - Sports2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSWomen's basketball postseason pushClaire Sabino, Jaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark
Multimedia story - Sports3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSRich Engel Claire Sabino, Jacob Keagle, Julie Jorgensen, Emma Weimerskirch
News Magazine - Multiple Page Design1stThe OracleNorth HS Sushi spreadJasmine Inthabounh
News Magazine - Multiple Page Design2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSFoods for FuelMackenzie Michael
News Magazine - Multiple Page Design3rdThe OracleNorth HS Undocumented Immigrant SpreadAngelica Reyes
News Magazine - Multiple Page DesignHMThe OracleNorth HS Teen Parents spreadMadison Houska
News Magazine - One Page Design1stThe OracleNorth HS Tennis FeatureJasmine Inthabounh
News Magazine - One Page Design2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSInto the MarshBrennan Kohls
News Magazine - One Page Design3rdThe OracleNorth HS Teacher AppreciationJasmine Inthabounh
News Magazine - One Page DesignHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSStar PowerTana Gam-Ad
News Photo1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSCookie ContestantsLogan Cole
News Photo2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSMicro MeasurementTana Gam-Ad
News Photo3rdThe OracleNorth HS Trump student walkout Jasmine Inthabounh
News PhotoHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSyncing SistersMolly Johnson
News Story1stThe OracleNorth HS Guns on campus spark questions on lock down policyBreana Petersen
News Story2ndThe OracleNorth HS Through the eyes of an undocumented immigrantAngelica Reyes
News Story3rdPelladiumPella Community HSAg MechanicsChandler Jahner
News StoryHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSDistrict faces questions from proposed voucher lawClare Rolinger
Newspaper - Multiple page Design1stThe VoxMarion HSIssue 2, ElectionStaff
Newspaper - Multiple page Design2ndThe VoxMarion HSIssue 3, HolidayStaff
Newspaper - Multiple page Design3rdThe VoxMarion HSIssue 5, Indian MascotChloe Mallon, Lexi Morgan
Newspaper - Multiple page DesignHMThe VoxMarion HSIssue 4, Valentine'sChloe Mallon, Sophie Willette
Newspaper - One Page Design1stThe ChallengerHoover HSBallin' CoverLily Smith
Newspaper - One Page Design2ndThe ChallengerHoover HSSenior Staff High School MusicalLily Smith
Newspaper - One Page Design3rdThe VoxMarion HSIssue 1, page 14Baylea Bruce
Newspaper - One Page DesignHMPelladiumPella Community HSDutch Makes HistoryHarley Atchison
Personality Profile1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSophomore fights back from eating disorderSophia Schillinger
Personality Profile2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSAP Strong: Senior recalls third year since diagnosis of testicular cancerMaddie Palmersheim
Personality Profile3rdWest Delaware InklingsWest Delaware HSNot Just Your Ordinary TeenagerMadalynn Burke
Personality ProfileHMThe ChallengerHoover HSLeap of FaithAshton Johnson
Photo Slideshow1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSIt's a Wonderful LifeVanessa Kime
Photo Slideshow2ndThe OracleNorth HS Here we go, Polar Bears! Jasmine Inthabounh
Photo Story1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSenior Stars: Powder Puff game decided in overtimeLogan Cole
Photo Story2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HS1,000 ClubJohn Dunlop
Photo Story3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSFood FightersJohn Dunlop, Logan Cole
Photo StoryHMWest Delaware InklingsWest Delaware HSDance Marathon RecapAnnie Cassutt
Podcasting1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSourceMasterWes Gitta
Podcasting2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSCrafts with AddyAddy Asby
Podcasting3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSDrops MicJaden Amjadi
PodcastingHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSV-Necks on FireAdison Pace
Social Media1stThe VoxMarion HSTwitter


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Mia Laube, Baylea Bruce, Brandon Hamilton, Summer Williams, Blair Brooks
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Oracle Staff
Social Media3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSTwitter
Tana Gam-Ad
Sports Photo1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSState CelebrationJohn Dunlop
Sports Photo2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSPowder PuffLogan Cole
Sports Photo3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSurfacingLogan Cole
Sports PhotoHMWest Delaware InklingsWest Delaware HSWe're Here to Cheer: Students Show School Spirit by Dressing upAndrea Salow
Sports Story1stThe VoxMarion HSJenatscheck dives inAmery Bruce
Sports Story2ndThe OracleNorth HS Shooting for ScholarshipsHarry Nguyen, Daniela Hernandez-Avila
Sports Story3rdThe VoxMarion HSSmith continues volleyball careerChloe Mallon
Sports StoryHMThe OracleNorth HS From vice principal to professional athlete: Eddie McCulleyColt Wyatt
Staff Editorial1stThe VoxMarion HSHow much does age matterCorrina Dittmer
Staff Editorial2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSCup of Joe leads Valley in battle over bathroomsAlbie Nicol
Staff Editorial3rdThe VoxMarion HSOne decision could end a lifeMia Laube
Staff EditorialHMThe VoxMarion HSTeens' technology takeoverLeah Kray
Video story1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSNo Ban No Wall ProtestJaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark
Video story2ndThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSArtapaloozaJaden Amjadi, Casey Leeper
Video story3rdThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSSwim Team Pushing Hard in Brown's Last SeasonJaden Amjadi
Video storyHMThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSBowling Making Push for Post SeasonJaden Amjadi, Olivia Clark
Web Design1stThe Tiger Hi-LineCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-Line OnlineTana Gam-Ad, Matthew Walsh
Web Design2ndThe OracleNorth HS DM North High OracleOracle Staff
Web Design3rdThe VoxMarion HSThe Vox OnlineStaff
Web DesignHMWest Delaware InklingsWest Delaware HSWest Delaware InklingsAnnie Cassutt