Whole book results 2019 revealed

Judges received and critiqued 25 Iowa high school yearbooks for the 2018 Jostens-IHSPA Wholebook Contest and Evaluation. Judges based the awards on specific criteria, which evaluated each publication’s demonstration of journalistic, photographic, and design principles.

Covers of the 2017 Jostens-IHSPA Neubert Award: The Centaur, Trojan Epic, and the Dragon.

The Neubert award, named in honor of the late Grinnell High School yearbook advisor Mick Neubert, recognizes exceptional yearbooks in the Wholebook Contest, and it is IHSPA’s highest rating.

This year, three schools received the Neubert Award: Benton Community, Iowa City West, and Johnston High Schools.

This was the first year IHSPA utilized a redesign review form.

Benton Community HSBentonianNeubert
Iowa City West HSTrojan EpicNeubert
Johnston HSDragonNeubert
Atlantic HSThe JavelinAward of Distinguished Merit
Davenport Central HSBlackhawkAward of Distinguished Merit
Iowa Mennonite HTeh ReverieAward of Distinguished Merit
West Delware HSThe HawkAward of Distinguished Merit
Abraham Lincoln HSCrimson and BlueAward of Achievement
Ballard HSThe BomberAward of Achievement
Davenport North HSNorwicaAward of Achievement
Davenport West HSShaheenAward of Achievement
Des Moines East HSEast QuillAward of Achievement
Dowling HS HSThe InsightAward of Achievement
Grinnell HSGrinnellianAward of Achievement
Hinton HSHinton BlackhawksAward of Achievement
Lewis Central HsJavelinAward of Achievement
Mount Vernon HSCentaurAward of Achievement
Baxter HSBaxter High SchoolAward of Honor
Clear Creek Amana HSThe CliperAward of Honor
Des Moines North HSPolar BearAward of Honor
Des Moines Hoover HSHuskyAward of Honor
Cedar Rapids Kennedy HSProfileAward of Honor
Lisbon HSAll in the mixAward of Honor
George Washington HSMonumentAward of Honor
West Branch HSThe GrowlerAward of Honor