Points tallied for News Teams of the Year – 2021


The 2021 Spring Journalism Contest saw an incredible group of entries from schools across the state.

A total of 21 schools competed for News Team of the Year across all three class sizes of schools — Class A, Class B, Class C. For each class, the top five scores from each class are listed below as News Team of the Year Finalists.

Point values were determined by adding up scores from news entries that earned First Place, Second Place, Third Place, or Honorable Mention in their respective division and category.

Class A

Atlantic HSahsneedle.com192News Team Finalist
Hudson HSThe Pirate Press150News Team Finalist
Mount Vernon HSthemustangmoon.com97News Team Finalist
Durant HSThe Wildcat Chronicles43News Team Finalist
Baxter HSThe Striker24News Team Finalist

Class B

Pleasant ValleySpartan Shield224News Team Finalist
Hoover HSThe Challenger93News Team Finalist
West Delaware HSThe Inklings57News Team Finalist
ADM HSBlack & Redgister49News Team Finalist
Xavier HSThe Xpress23News Team Finalist

Class C

Iowa City West HSWest Side Story306News Team Finalist
Iowa City City HSThe Little Hawk147News Team Finalist
Johnston HSThe Black and White86News Team Finalist
Des Moines East HSEast Scroll32News Team Finalist
North HS (Des Moines)The Oracle10News Team Finalist