On-the-Spot contest

In addition to the great speakers we have on board for The IHSPA Fall Conference October 26, 2017 we also conduct our annual On-The-Spot Contests. These are state-level competition for academic honors. A victory here is a victory in the state of Iowa.

 Students from your school may compete in the On-the-Spot competitions in:

  • News writing
  • Photography


  • You must attend to compete.
  • Multiple students from each school may enter each competition.
  • Contestants cover an assigned news presentation in the writing; these assignments will be designated in the conference brochure, which will be available upon arrival at the registration desk.
  • Digital photo contestants will cover the conference. Space is limited, so register early if you would like your students to participate in the On-the-Spot contests.
  • The fee for each contestant is $5.

Overview of News Writing Contest:

  • The contestants from your school should be prepared to take notes during the designated presentation. Dictionaries, electronic spell checkers, thesauruses and stylebooks are allowed (this includes phones for the purposes of note taking and spellchecking). Bring notebooks, 8.5 x 11 sheets of lined paper for writing and blank sheets for drawing, pens for writing, or pencils for drawing.
  • Following the presentation, contestants proceed to the room indicated in the program brochure to write or draw, as if they were working for the school newspaper. Articles are handwritten and should be printed clearly so that judges can read them.

Overview of Digital Photography Contests:

  • The contestants from your school should be prepared to cover the conference photographically until the shooting deadline.
  • Entrants will meet contest supervisor at the conference desk and go to the Adler Journalism Building to select an download images.
  • Contestants will download three photos, using their own USB connector cable, to a computer provided by IHSPA, and submit a caption for each photo.
  • Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. Photos from any of the contestants may be selected for inclusion in IHSPA publications.

The fee for each digital photography contestant is $5.

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On-the-Spot contest