Class B – Spring 2016 Journalism Contest awards

Category NameAwardSchoolPublicationEntry TitleCredit
Column1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineEmerging from the Sites of CyberbullyingAllie Taiber
Column2ndNorth HSThe OracleA Jones: Adoption doesn’t make you abnormalTanna Jones
Column3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineBlack and Blue Silence: Escape from depression’s spiral calls for connections, heroic quest for hopeAbbey Carlson
ColumnHMHoover HSChallengerThe saber-tooth tiger reactionColby Williams
Editorial Cartoon/comic strip1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineStarbucksJamie Blair
Editorial Cartoon/comic strip2ndMarion HSThe VoxRhyming promSolomon Groothuis
Editorial Cartoon/comic strip3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineTrump vs. SandersAlyssa Dekutoski
Editorial Cartoon/comic stripHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineDeflategateJamie Blair
Feature Photo1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineClinically CuteKaylene Konigsmark
Feature Photo2ndNorth HSThe OracleStudents pie teachers at last pep assemblyCheyann Neades
Feature Photo3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineSnow AngelJohn Dunlop
Feature PhotoHMNorth HSThe OracleNorth robotics team competes at 10-team tournamentCheyann Neades
Feature Story1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineUnder the Sea: Junior dives deep to pursue her passionNathan Hoy
Feature Story2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineTwo-Wheeled Trailblazer: Senior races into wild country competitionsNathan Hoy
Feature Story3rdNorth HSThe OracleWhat would you do if you won the lottery?Laura Christensen,Ashley George
Feature StoryHMLewis Central HSThe Wire#TreynorStrongMaddi Davis
Illustration or Art1stNorth HSThe OracleSocial Justice League of Des MoinesAutumn Miller
Illustration or Art2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LinePowering UpSierra Steen
Illustration or Art3rdLewis Central HSThe WireWould You Rather?Bailey Teply,Mateo Rodriguez
Illustration or ArtHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineKayne WestBen Louviere
In-Depth News1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineHead Games: Impacts of concussions felt among CFHS athletesJason Rathjen
In-Depth News2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineLaugh Tracks: Tigers, Panthers polishing crafts for bigger laughsSarah Stortz
In-Depth News3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineWorld Wide Learning: Lessons from differences extend beyond classroomsOlivia Martin
Infographic1stMarion HSThe VoxAnimal Cruelty StatsKasi Rupert
Infographic2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineHow to Get into Animal CollectiveBen Louviere
Infographic3rdLewis Central HSThe WireWould You Rather?Bailey Teply,Mateo Rodriguez
InfographicHMMarion HSThe VoxTop ten scariest movies by ratingsAlex Coleman
Multimedia story - Feature1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineCoffee ConnectionsHannah Sanderman
Multimedia story - Feature2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineFor New Year's Twist to Fitness, Check Out QiGongHannah Sanderman
Multimedia story - Feature3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineHypnotic PromBen Louviere,Logan Cole
Multimedia story - FeatureHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineHomecoming HighlightsSam Cirksena,Logan Cole,Addy Asby,Sierra Fredrickson
Multimedia story - News1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineWorld Class RoboticsJaden Amjadi,Sarah Stortz,Zuhayr Alam
Multimedia story - News2ndThomas Jefferson HS (CB)"BLink" and you're connectedDerrick Johnson,Autumn Colvin
Multimedia story - News3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineFCA Fields of FaithAnnebeth Ahrenholz,Adrian Diaz
Multimedia story - NewsHMThomas Jefferson HS (CB)cbjacketjournalism.comObamaha is Back Ana Aguilar,Martina Weaver
Multimedia story - Sports1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineRich Engel ClassicNathan Hoy,Julie Jorgensen,Emma Weimerskirch
News Magazine – One Page Design1stNorth HSThe OracleThe Oracle - Beginning of Change Issue CoverAngelica Reyes
News Magazine – One Page Design2ndNorth HSThe OracleCreative Arts, The Oracle Issue 3Megan Bohall
News Magazine – One Page Design3rdMarion HSThe VoxIssue 3, Feature pageBaylea Bruce
News Magazine – One Page DesignHMNorth HSThe OracleThe Oracle - Past and Present CoverTanna Jones
News Magazine- Multiple Page Design1stNorth HSThe OracleWhat's your #SemesterSurvivalMotto?Madison Houska
News Magazine- Multiple Page Design2ndNorth HSThe OracleWrestling Issue HM SpreadTanna Jones
News Magazine- Multiple Page Design3rdNorth HSThe OracleDefinition of BeautyKenzie Schnathorst,Megan Bohall
News Magazine- Multiple Page DesignHMNorth HSThe OracleJasmine Inthabounh: A look into the lensCheyann Neades,Nathaniel Cobb
News Photo1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineSpecial ConnectionJohn Dunlop
News Photo2ndThomas Jefferson HS (CB)The SignalGoogle Cardboard ExplorationAngela Gardner
News Photo3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineJuniors triumph at powder puffLogan Cole
News PhotoHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineCub ClinicKaylene Konigsmark
News Story1stThomas Jefferson HS (CB)The SignalDidn't see the signsMorgan Barth,Adriana Ibarra
News Story2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineTeachers making speedy recoveries from recent cancer surgeriesZuhayr Alam
News Story3rdPella Community HSThe PelladiumTrump speaks to PellaAllison Clark
News StoryHMNorth HSThe OracleRoyalty for Equality: Same-sex prom king and queen policyCheyann Neades,Jasmine Inthabounh
Newspaper – Multiple page Design1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineToast, Tea & ProductivitySommer Danielsen
Newspaper – Multiple page Design2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineGoing with the FlowNathan Hoy
Newspaper – Multiple page Design3rdMarion HSThe VoxValentine's DayLexi Morgan
Newspaper – Multiple page DesignHMLewis Central HSThe WireSpecial FeatureTaylor Smith
Newspaper – One Page Design1stHoover HSChallengerLet Your Voice Be HeardLily Smith
Newspaper – One Page Design2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineMagic of Cattle CongressSierra Steen
Newspaper – One Page Design3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineHow to Get into Animal CollectiveBen Louviere
Newspaper – One Page DesignHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineWith a Click of a ButtonAmna Haider
Personality Profile1stHoover HSChallengerJevion's JusticeAriadna Delgado-Ruiz
Personality Profile2ndMarion HSThe Vox1D helping fix all the 'Little Things'Alex Coleman
Personality Profile3rdMarion HSThe VoxTranslating transgenderSolomon Groothuis
Personality ProfileHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineStudent turns dumplings into taste for land of the rising sun, promise of persistenceJamie Blair
Photo Slideshow1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineSpring Musical: FootlooseLogan Cole
Photo Slideshow2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineTiger Trot 5KLeah Forsblom
Photo Slideshow3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineBall for Sundblad fundraiserEmily Barth,Olivia Mickey
Photo SlideshowHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineProm and After PromLogan Cole
Photo Story1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineCub ClinicKaylene Konigsmark
Photo Story2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineBig ShooterJohn Dunlop
Photo Story3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineMagic and LossVanessa Kime, Leah Forsblom
Photo StoryHMLewis Central HSThe WireEl Si LocosMateo Rodriguez, Abby Oswald
Social Media1stMarion HSThe Daily PowwowThe Daily Powwow Social Media
The Daily Powwow Social Media
The Daily Powwow Social Media
The Daily Powwow Social Media
Amery Bruce, Chloe Mallon,Kenzie Redmond
Social Media2ndNorth HSThe OracleNorth High Oracle's President Obama Visit Live TweetingCheyann Neades
Social Media3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineHi-Line Online Social Media
Hi-Line Online Social Media
Daphne Becker,Tana Gam-Ad,Annebeth Ahrenholz
Sports Photo1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineWashpun slamJohn Dunlop
Sports Photo2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineSenior Night SlamJohn Dunlop
Sports Photo3rdNorth HSThe OracleNorth Boys Basketball vs Roosevelt 2Colt Wyatt
Sports PhotoHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineStiff ArmJohn Dunlop
Sports Story1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineChasing Dreams: CFHS alum defies all odds to reach topAllie Taiber
Sports Story2ndMarion HSThe VoxGillaspie's goalball gamesMia Laube
Sports Story3rdNorth HSThe OracleAre North's sports biased?Kenzie Schnathorst
Sports StoryHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineMen’s golf teams up against cancerZuhayr Alam
Staff Editorial1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineOur View: Stand with Smith to Do Better, Be Better as her fight returnsTana Gam-Ad
Staff Editorial2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineBeware the slope to cyberbullyingSarah Stortz
Staff Editorial3rdMarion HSThe VoxTeen depression needs attentionAlex Coleman
Staff EditorialHMMarion HSThe VoxOne vote could make or break the decisionChloe Mallon
Video story1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineRobotics team gears upJaden Amjadi
Video story2ndCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LinePops ConcertJaden Amjadi
Video story3rdCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineBreathtaking RecoveryBrennan Kohls
Video storyHMCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineISU vs. UNI TailgatingJulie Jorgensen,Emma Weimerskirch
Web Design1stCedar Falls HSThe Tiger Hi-LineThe Tiger Hi-Line OnlineZuhayr Alam
Web Design2ndMarion HSThe Daily PowwowThe Daily PowwowAmery Bruce